About Project Ricochet, Inc of NC

Project Ricochet, Inc of NC is a community-based approach to finding practical solutions that assist minority youth who are prone to anti-social and gang affiliated behaviors while discovering positive and productive life-style alternatives. 

Our mission is to establish and maintain an ongoing and effective coalition of parents, grandparents, youth service providers, civic and community leaders and faith-based leaders to incorporate a “bottom-up” approach to gang intervention and other issues related to the reduction of minority youth into the criminal justice system.

To design and maintain a “boots on the ground” brigade of ex-gang members, ex-offenders and community youth development practitioners to have a continuous presence in selected areas of Wake County with special emphasis on Southeast Raleigh, to engage, assist, and mentor youth labeled as gang-affiliated or on the cusp of becoming engaged in anti-social or criminal behaviors.

To offer concrete ways in which affected youth can be redirected to access economic opportunity through youth-driven entrepreneurial projects and job placement through innovative apprenticeships and placement in area businesses, and to offer other financial rewards for young people who demonstrate a determination to change their lifestyles.

To work and communicate in genuine ways with existing organizations and groups which have a similar focus and to collaborate with law enforcement agencies to seek more resources in support of our work.