Proclamation of May as,
“Youth Gang Awareness and Prevention Month”
City of Raleigh, North Carolina
May 7th, 2013
 WHEREAS, there are estimated to be over one million gang members in the USA, representing thousands of gangs; and,
WHEREAS, gang violence and associated gun violence, illegal drug activity and other criminal actions are a growing concern that pose a threat to public safety, health and our quality of life in North Carolina; and,
WHEREAS, gang violence should be understood as a complex socioeconomic phenomena that requires a combination of approaches including family and community awareness, cultural awareness, appropriate childhood intervention, political, and educational steps together with parents, community leaders, educators, elected officials, gang specialists and law enforcement joining forces and combining strategies; and,
WHEREAS, Project Ricochet, Inc of NC and its initiatives Still Lives Within: Families Against Youth Violence, Justice Served and Work Forward: HR Correctional Institute have been established to provide a comprehensive approach to prevention and re-entry;
WHEREAS, Project Ricochet, Inc of NC is a community-based approach to finding practical solutions that assist minority youth who are prone to anti-social and gang affiliated behaviors while discovering positive and productive life-style alternatives. Further, its mission is to establish and maintain an ongoing and effective coalition of parents, grandparents, youth service providers, civic and community leaders and faith-based leaders to incorporate a “bottom-up” approach to gang intervention and other issues related to the reduction of minority youth into the criminal justice system.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Nancy McFarland, Mayor of the City of Raleigh, do hereby proclaim MAY 2013 as YOUTH GANG AWARENESS AND PREVENTION MONTH, and extend best wishes and support to the participants for their commitment and dedication to working towards the goal of a gang-free community.